Global Sporting Connections has it’s own academy in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, in the UK.

The GSC Gosling Academy provides all our players and GSC professional tennis clients the opportunity to continue their self development both on and off the court at one of the world’s leading tennis facilities.

GSC Gosling Tennis Academy, is in partnership with two of Britain’s leading independant schools as well as The LTA, giving all GSC Gosling Academy players the very best in training facilities with both indoor and outdoor performance surfaces as well as a world class gym, rehabilitation and recovery suite not to mention a bright and vibrant atmosphere to enhance learning both on and off court in our on site class room.

Timea Babos

GSC Gosling Tennis Academy offers full time training and education programmes for junior and senior players wishing to pursue tennis as a career or to develop their skill to enable them to obtain a scholarship to an American University. The GSC Gosling Tennis Academy operates Monday to Sunday from 7am daily.

The GSC Gosling Tennis Academy team of coaches have a proven track record of achieving success with their players at the highest level both domestically and internationally as well as enjoying success at grand slam level with top junior and senior player Timea Babos of Hungary and the Olympics at youth and senior level. The team at GSC Gosling ranges from biomechanists, strength and conditioning coaches to sports psychologist’s, peak performance coaches and

Timea Babos

college lecturers and tutors, giving our players the very best experience in performance tennis whilst improving and developing within the four performance factors on court and a first class education experience off court.

The team at GSC Gosling offer each player an individualised training and competition programme that gives each player the tools and tennis know-how in all areas of the game to be successful now and in the future. The team at GSC Gosling is very much self improvement based with an LTA qualified tutor in house, meaning learning never stops for the players and coaches at this expert performance facility.

Global Sporting Connections is proud to call GSC Gosling Tennis Academy the official flagship tennis academy of Global Sporting Connections Ltd.

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