Anna Smith and Joss Rae road trip to Roland Garros.

28 May 2015 | 10:05pm

The first Tuesday of Roland Garros and we were going about our business training on the grass preparing for our upcoming tournament in Eastbourne. Little did we know that less than 24 hours later we would be driving through the streets of Paris at 4o’clock in the morning! Seeing as one of us was in the North of England it seemed a somewhat impossible task that we would make it on time to sign in to be an alternate for the Women’s Doubles Event.

On the original entry list, we were the 5th pair out so of course we automatically assumed we wouldn’t stand a chance of sneaking in! However, each day we received an email informing us that we had moved up a spot and eventually we were 2 out. So after must deliberation we thought we would yolo and risk it for a choccy biscuit!

We packed Anna’s car Elsa full of road trip necessities such as grapes, spotify, high vis jackets, pillows and pinky (Joss’ 23 year old teddy) and we were on our way. The journey was pretty fun for the first couple of hours as the tiredness hadn’t quite kicked in yet and we were belting some absolute tunes which included some personal faves from Spice Girls, Whitney, Earth Wind and Fire, Luther and Anna’s current sing along Conchita-You are unstoppable. Haha.

We arrived at Roland Garros at a strange time of 4am with no hotel and no clue where we were going! We hopped at 4 different hotels looking somewhat crazy begging for a bed for 4 hours but everywhere was fully booked…at this point we were regretting our decision to come but we were troopers and eventually managed to find a hotel vacancy and get our heads down…for 3 hours! Although they were probably the worst 3 hours sleep as we were constantly fidgeting just in case after all the effort we slept through our alarm and missed the sign in dead line which was 10:30!

Being on site alternates means that if any pairs pulled out before their 1st round the number 1 alternate pair would replace them. So being the 2nd alternate pair meant it was highly unlikely we would get the chance to play, but we both felt we would have been more annoyed if we’d have stayed in London  and found out we’d have gotten in! That was the logic behind us coming!

Right this second, even though we didn’t get the call up to play, all is well in Elsa…Pinky is loving the French countryside, and Anna is still enjoying Conchita’s music as much as she was yesterday!

A* for effort! And bring on the grass court season!

anna joss
Much love,
Anna, Joss, Elsa and Pinky xxx

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