Client Management

Global Sporting Connections help many elite and peak performing athletes, coaches, events and industry executives maximise their earning potential by developing strong individual brands through specialised individual marketing strategies.

GSC specialize in many forms of career development from athletes’ right through to events including but not limited to contract negotiations, licensing and endorsements, broadcasting and other speaking, media and appearance opportunities.
We also offer all of our clients media based services and training to help deal with all types of publicity and prepare them with the tools needed to maximise positive publicity.

Global Sporting Connections’ long term and big picture approach to career management and development can lead to long lasting and successful commercial careers through strong commercial strategies and achievable short term goals within the big picture.

GSC’s professional and realistic approach to client management includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Marketing and public relations
  • Licensing and endorsements
  • Individual personal brand building
  • Contract negotiations
  • Broadcasting, speaking, media and appearance opportunities
  • All aspects of media training, image and crisis management and media relations.

Global Sporting Connections is committed to providing our clients with a truly world class service that is unrivalled within the sports management industry. We aim to personalise and individualise every aspect of your career management suited directly to your needs whilst growing you as a strong personal brand giving you every opportunity to be successful in all aspects of your professional career.

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