Global Sporting Connections is able to provide its students with a top class education alongside world class tennis training at GSC academies and associate academies which have a proven track record of success both on the court and off it through our sister company Global Education Counselling.

We are committed to helping you achieve your tennis and academic goals whilst fulfilling your potential whether in your country of origin or abroad at one of our world class training and education facilities.

We provide professional educational counsel to enable you to choose the most suitable programme of study, helping you to develop yourself on and off the court whilst giving you all the qualifications necessary to gain admission into the appropriate schoool, college or university .

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We can offer the required counselling, information and assistance on immigration procedures, finding accommodation, tennis training, profiling and programming in the four tennis performance factors, as well as visa counselling.

GSC will help you to:

  • Choose the most suitable programme of study for you to maximise your potential both on and off court.
  • Choose the most suitable university or college to fit your tennis and academic needs whether on site or distance learning whilst you compete on the tour.
  • Secure you admission to a university or college
  • Take advantage of GSC’s and GEC’s special relationships with its partner universities, colleges, tennis academies and facilities worldwide.
  • Secure transfer credits for you from existing qualifications subject to qualifications.
  • Successfully apply for a visa to enable you to train and study abroad.
  • Receive accurate information on tennis training fees, tuition fees, living expenses and accommodation costs.